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So High I'm Looking Down!

Hello Everybody! How're you doing? Since I last wrote you there have been a few downs, like no Halloween celebrations this year, and the pandemic numbers on the rise, but the HIGHS have been phenomenal and they are lined up to continue for the rest of the year! Starting on Friday, I'm speaking and participating in TWO writers conferences! If it wasn't for everything being virtual this year, I would only be able to do one of them because they're on the same days! I've also got a second interview with Slyce in "The Interrogation Room" on Facebook on Friday.

Here's the lineup! (All times listed are Mountain Time)

Friday 10/23/20

- 9:15AM National Black Book Festival (NBBF) Interview! (Attendance is FREE!)

- 7:00pm Slyce's Interrogation Room on Facebook (look for the links, I'll post them!)

Saturday 10/24/20

-1:00pm MileHiCon Strong Women Reading - The Conductor: Book 2 of The Circle (Recorded)

-2:30pm MileHiCon Panel - Amazon KDU & Other Publishing Platforms (Live)

-NaNoWriMo begins on November 1st!!! This is a writing competition, with yourself! the National Novel Writing Month always runs from 11-1 through 11-30 of every year. You sign up, clear your calendar as much as you can, and WRITE!!! Every day, for 30 Days! The goal is to reach 50,000 words in those 30 days. I have participated for the last 3 years, but I've never made the goal. Don't get me wrong, this 'competition' has helped me finish all of my manuscripts because any words written are WORDS WRITTEN! This year, even though I've got some things happening that will take me away from the writing for a day or so (you know, like one of the grandsons is getting married) I have a good chance of making the mark this year. We'll see how I do!

-11/9,10,11/2020 I'm Speaking at the "Adapt Your Impact" Public Speakers Association Conference! Three days filled with Insight, Magic, and Action for speakers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to help you set your sights on 2021! And it's FREE to attend!!!

-Tuesday, December 1st - 7pm - Interview on Black Authors Matter TV (Connected with NBBF)

If I didn't see all this on my calendar, I might think I'm dreaming! So much going on, and even though there's still the normal stuff, like my healing business, which is beginning to pick up steam, the twins who most certainly keep Grandma hopping when they're around (and they turn 2 in November!), and all the things that pop up and need attention, I'm doing well, and enjoying every minute! Speaking of The Light Of Nature, my healing business, I was asked, and accepted, a position as a Reader at Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore in University Hills Plaza, 2553 S Colorado Blvd. I'm there every 1st and 3rd Mondays from 10am-6pm. Call 303-758-9113 or Drop by for a session!

I encourage you to remember to breathe because stress makes you not breathe. I remind you to take care or You, because nobody else knows what you need, and most folks wouldn't know how to provide it for you anyway. Things are continuing to reopen, gatherings are continuing to be considered, but we're still battling the pandemic. The political season is almost over (halleluiah!), but we'll still have to deal with the aftermath as it plays out. I still hear of losses every day because, after all, tomorrow is not promised to any of us. And now we add the Flu season on top of it all. 2020 is still going forward, sometimes dragging us reluctantly. But, if you're reading this, you are still here! That means that you still have the power to do you, be yourself, and choose love.


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