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It's Been A Long Time Coming!

Hello everyone and I hope these words find you celebrating YOU and life topside. I haven't felt led to write a blog post for more than a year. So much has happened in my life, and I'm sure nobody else's life has been standing still. So, let's hit the high notes.

First, Freedom Rings: Book Three of The Circle was finished and published on October 11th, 2022. A full year and a half later than I planned, this book ends the first trilogy in The Circle Series. I hope you find it satisfying. And, yes, there will be more. In fact, I've already written the opening paragraphs for the fourth book, which I'll begin writing in earnest while settling down after my next big announcement.

My youngest son and his husband, have decided to move to Portugal with their twin daughters. Grandma is going with them. My granddaughters will be four at the end of this month, and I know that I will be needed when they get to their new destination. I'm selling my house (and almost everything in it!) and moving to Portugal with them early next year. In fact, my house looks like a tornado has been through it right now. Half-packed boxes in every room, stacks of things in 'going' and 'not going' piles that will require and least one more shift in position. My car is in the driveway because the garage sale is this Friday and Saturday, (EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! DM me for the details if you're local and you need furniture or just stuff!)

I've hired a Virtual Assistant (Bless you Sierra Keen!) who is keeping me focused on the things I need to get done for my businesses so that they survive this transition. Yes, I'll keep writing, and yes, I'll keep seeing clients for Angel Communication and Energy Healing (all to be done virtually! Covid taught us well.) Eventually, I'll open up shop in Portugal, but we have to find out where we'll settle first. Meanwhile, I'll work on the books (yep, I've got more than one title working) and service my US healing clientele online. (Energy doesn't care about distance or walls. I've already got several clients I see this way on a regular basis.) I've also been ordained to perform weddings since 2018 and I plan to do that in Portugal as well. Their only rule is that the ceremony must be performed in Portuguese... Thank goodness for Dualingo!

This has been a monumental journey so far, and we still have many hoops to jump through before we board the plane. I've not done much international travel, (do Canada and Mexico count?) so I'm looking forward to the adventure. Things will shift, like the times I hold Meetups because Portugal is seven hours ahead of Colorado. Evening classes and sessions will move to mornings and afternoons. I will have a book partner here who will handle orders for autographed copies of my books. My websites and email addressses will remain the same, but my personal phone number will change.

I'm not going to promise when you'll see another blog. Tonight was inspired by procrastination. I just didn't want to pack tonight.

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Hello B. My friend Lia and her husband moved to Porto. Lisa said she recently met you. I'm a writer also, and my husband and and I have an apartment in Porto. We'll be there this summer. I love your writing! My web and blog is and my email is I look forward to connecting and exchanging ideas on writing. Many blessings. C.L. Charlesworth

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