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Laughing Your Life Healthy


What a wonderful concept for restoring joy in our lives! I agree, laughter is a great start, if not the remedy to deal with the daily drama and difficulties in life. 

Melanie E. 10/14/2017


A quick read! I've started implementing LAUGHING into my daily life and I already feel better! Something so simple, who knew??? LOL!!! 

Amazon Customer  4/5/2017 


This book is a must read for those of you looking for a way to enhance your health and learn about a alternative way to wellness!

Denise J  4/2/2017


Harlem Angel:

Book One of The Circle Reviews

"Hardwick’s (Laughing Your Life Healthy, 2017) thriller offers a chilling premise and memorable protagonists. The novel starts off on a strong note with a tense action sequence that effectively establishes a sense of danger and highlights Soraya’s special abilities. Hardwick ably maintains a quick pace as the story shifts from Soraya to Shawn as his plan unfolds. The major players are well-drawn: Soraya is a likable heroine who tries to balance the responsibilities of her newly discovered abilities with caring for her mother, and the racist Shawn is a deeply unsympathetic but complex villain whose narrative arc takes some surprising turns...

An often engaging tale that deftly mixes action with the supernatural." --Kirkus Reviews

Book no.1
Book no.2
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