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Wow... 2020 out with a rush, 2021 Starts with a "Say What?"

My last blog was actually way back in October... Yeah, the year crescendo'd out, many things happening in so few days and one right after the other that I ran towards what's next. The months passed faster than usual, or at least that's how it felt to me. I thought about writing to you, only to talk myself out of it. I, like so many I've worked with, and spoken to, quickly began to go in what we all hoped would be the other direction, onward and upward to January 1st. Then 2021 started... and we've seen the pandemic continue although there are signs it's better now (more people surviving, vaccines being given-but nobody's making you take it). Politics is not yelling in our faces every day, but it's still yelling. The level of fear being generated seems to ebb and flow like the tides; everybody feels it.

Finances at every level, in every household, here and abroad, are an F'n mess and nobody really knows what to do about it. Colleges & Universities, High schools, Trade schools, Middle schools, Elementary schools, Pre-schools, and Daycare centers are punting. You know, "do we have real classes? Only teach on Zoom? What about the kids who can't do that? What about parents who can't do that?" I drove past a school yesterday where kids were playing on the playground; probably recess (is that still a thing?). No social distancing there. I was too far away to see whether they wore masks, but can only assume that they were. Colleges and Universities are struggling because many students are saying "why pay all that money to stay home and be on my computer? I do that anyway!"

I could get on my soapbox and rant at you all, but I think there's enough of that going on. Between those who blindly follow the orange one and continue to defy logic, to those who have now analyzed the hell out of the events of the 6th, everybody seems to have something to say about the elephant in the room. Some have been very eloquent and positive, some have been total bullshit. While I think my opinion would fall in the first category, I'll refrain. After all, like I always say, everyone has an opinion and an asshole, and we all use them.

Last year wasn't roses for me either. Issues with my house, rearranging finances, loss of income, loss of a sibling, among other physical losses and several close friends who I almost lost but miraculously didn't. The stresses of watching family struggle in ways I didn't but was not able to help. Even with all of that and the rest of the things I personally dealt with, it certainly could have been worse. On the other hand, I accomplished many things last year, in spite of all the muck that we all had to wade through. Two books finished and published. I still saw clients and held Meetups (hail Zoom!) even though it was at a reduced number, it still wasn't zero. I spent three months helping with my twin granddaughters. Hallelujah that I didn't have to spend that time all alone, in my house, by myself... I'd be much more of a nut if I had! I also have the utmost respect for those I know who did just that.

I hope that this year I can do even better. Freedom Rings: Book 3 of The Circle is almost ready for my beta readers and then my editor. I've titled and started the sequel to Magic and Miracles; I'll finish that one after I get Freedom out the gates. Once they are both done, I hope to begin the next trilogy in The Circle Series. I already have ideas about them! I have clients booking at a fairly steady rate; everyone I talk to is trying to deal with all the change that we have faced and will still have to face as our reality begins to re-stabilize. I can help with that. The twins are now two and Grandma is really happy to get to go home after spending a few days with them. I forgot what toddlers were like, and having two of them... let's just say it's a blessing and a potent explanation for why we humans typically have children when we're young!

How is it for you? Did you set a resolution or goal for 2021? Have you been able to put the last year behind you, or bury it in the dirt so you don't have to think about it anymore? Maybe you're waiting for the next magical day, the 20th, in the hopes that some magic actually happens. Have you done your vision board yet? I keep thinking about mine but haven't started yet. There's a bit of reluctance, after the last one was short-circuited by a bug. Are you looking forward to Spring? I'm ready for warmer weather and maybe the chance to travel again. I'd like to go to a concert and hear some live music, for a change. And hugs. I really, really miss giving and getting hugs. I think masks will be part of our wardrobes for the foreseeable future - even the flu numbers are down this year. Pretty sure masks helped. Have you planned a vacation? Even a trip to the mountains for a night or two will be a nice change.

There's a lot to look forward to. It'll still be a challenge, but standing on top instead of lying underneath makes a difference. If you're reading this, you are blessed because you're breathing. Count that and move forward. Magic and miracles do exist. Sometimes you just have to look for them because they're only for you to see in that moment. Sometimes from what looks like rubble, new beginnings are possible. Until next time, and promise it won't be so long, Namaste'

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