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It's Official! I AM an Author!!

Sometimes when you're engaged in using your talents, whatever they are, you need a reminder that you really do have talent. I am blessed y'all! Since my last update, and it's been in the last several weeks, I've received confirmation that I really DO know how to write!!!

Last week I learned that both of the books I published during the lockdown have won awards!! The Conductor: Book 2 of The Circle won a Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) EVVY Award, and Allowing the Magic Allowing the Miracles A Blueprint for Ascension won a National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Pinnacle Book Award. YAY Me!!!

Add to this news the receipt of one awesome book review for The Conductor from The Prairies Book Review (posted on Facebook and other sites), and a brilliant interview for Allowing the Magic Allowing the Miracles... on The Writer's Hour Creative Conversations Podcast with Janine Bolon, (also on Facebook) and I'm flying!!

Trust me, the days haven't all been full of positivity and promise. I could list the woes that I've also had to deal with over this time, but I'd rather accentuate the positive. If you want to hear about all the crap... and yeah, I've had quite a bit dumped on my doorstep, you can call and ask but I doubt I can stay in the mud with you because the good stuff is just too exciting!

All of the celebrations will most likely be virtual, but that's OK because then I won't have to share my celebratory crab legs, chocolate truffle cashew milk ice cream and glass of wine (or something!) with anybody else. Recordings of your 'atta girls' and clapping are encouraged. Emails, texts, cards, letters and phone calls are welcome and please, order your autographed copies from my website and then leave your reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

The way I write, I'm called a "pantser". Which means I write by the seat of my pants. I don't use outlines, or plan out where the manuscript is going or how it's going to get there. I do keep a spreadsheet with all the characters and their information on it, or even I would get lost. My characters 'talk' to me, and I write what they say. So, my process is a bit weird but very entertaining for anyone who hears me talk about it. I'm sure they walk away wondering about my sanity sometimes.

Feel free to join my email list on my website for word on what's coming. Please read and share my blog so you know how Freedom Rings: Book 3 of The Circle is coming along. (I'm almost done with chapter 3!) There's also a sequel to Allowing the Magic Allowing the Miracles... beginning to formulate.

There are more interviews and podcasts scheduled (I did one today-keep and eye out for it!) and I'm planning an Author Party to celebrate the awards at the end of September, early October. It will most likely be virtual, but I'm holding off on setting the date in the hopes that maybe we can do it in person. Either way, it'll be great! Oh yeah, here's the website!

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