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And Now For Something New...

The month of February wasn't what I expected. I know many others who also had a month full of unexpected challenges as well. Let me first tell you that progress has been made, but the books are not out yet and February, in all its glory, is to blame. The month was filled with loss. There was the death of a childhood friend's mother, then one of my sisters died, then the daughter of one of my choir members. And those are just the ones that were the closest relationships to me! Needless to say, I lost two weeks in my ability to work on my manuscripts, and now I'm playing catch up.

As I said, I did make some progress. I'm almost done with the changes from my editor on The Conductor. I've received one Beta copy of Magic and Miracles back from my readers, so one more to go. Then I can do the edit on that one. They're now both scheduled for release by the end of March. This means that February wasn't a completely emotion and time-suck for me, but I wasn't able to be as productive as I had planned either. Such is life.

Enter March. The third month of the year. We're already at the end of the first quarter of 2020. I feel like it zoomed past me and left me in the dust of it's passing. Oh, wait, we have three weeks left in the quarter. I think I can work with that. And, at the rate the "panic of the year" is manifesting, we'll be languishing in our homes under home quarantine in no time. Plenty of time to write, edit, create and play with the grandbabies. I could handle that for a period of time.

I'm okay. I will be okay. And, I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm looking for the next milestone, no matter how it comes. I'll get the books out, then start on the third one. I survived February 2020 and March doesn't appear that it will be too much of a challenge. While I've slowed down a bit, I'm still moving and #stillwriting

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