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Non-Fiction Special | Laughing Your Life Healthy | Allowing the Magic, Miracles

Non-Fiction Special | Laughing Your Life Healthy | Allowing the Magic, Miracles


Get both non-fiction titles at a discount with autographs!


Autographed copies make amazing gifts, are great for personal collections, and well...they're just cool!


Laughing your Life Healthy


You CAN Laugh if you want to, and even if you don't!


This book will explain why it is important to include laughter in your life, and how to get your Joy back.


Through reading this book you will learn:

~Why laughter is important to you

~What more laughter does for you

~How to start laughing more

~How to laugh your life healthy!


Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles...


Are you feeling it? Do you have deja' vu often? Is there a physical difference in how your senses are reacting to the world around you? Allowing the Miracles - Our vibrations are being raised; what does that mean?


This book will give you a place to start, and much to think about as we navigate what our "new normal" is going to be. A Blueprint for Ascension - reading this book will give you a few practical, easy tools to help you move into the changes we are all sharing. Magic and Miracles exist; learn how to recognize them and then how you can use that to make your life better.


Limited quantities available - Free Shipping.

Books will ship via USPS Media Mail and take about 7-10 days for delivery.


For a personal message, please email the author once you have payment confirmation.  

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  • Laughing Your Life -Revised

    THe Revised edition of Laughing Your Life Healthy will be shipped as soon as the printed copies are received!

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