Harlem Angel: Book One of The Circle

Harlem Angel: Book One of The Circle


Soraya has always had bad dreams—nightmares really—-for as long as her memory stretched.  She never paid them much serious attention until now.  This one was different.  In this dream, she saw somebody murdered.  She knew it was just a bad dream but felt like there was more to it.  She needed answers, and the old lady at the Home Shop was where she was drawn to ask her questions.


Harlem Angel is about one of those insidious layers of evil that exists alongside and underneath the normal, real world.  A young lady is down reluctantly into the struggle between races and those with and without power.  She learns that magic exists, that she is gifted, and that her gifts are needed.  Will she be able to meet the challenge, or will she die along those she needs to protect?


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