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A Trilogy of The Circle Series | Harlem Angel | The Conductor | Freedom Rings

A Trilogy of The Circle Series | Harlem Angel | The Conductor | Freedom Rings


Harlem Angel-Soraya has always had bad dreams—nightmares really—-for as long as her memory stretched. She never paid them much serious attention until now. This one was different. In this dream, she saw somebody murdered. She knew it was just a bad dream but felt like there was more to it. She needed answers, and the old lady at the Home Shop was where she was drawn to ask her questions.


Harlem Angel is about one of those insidious layers of evil that exists alongside and underneath the normal, real world. A young lady is down reluctantly into the struggle between races and those with and without power. She learns that magic exists, that she is gifted, and that her gifts are needed. Will she be able to meet the challenge, or will she die along those she needs to protect?


The Conductor-In The Conductor, all four of the Elder shop owners who died brutal, bloody deaths would haunt Soraya Rawlings, forever. She is a Dream Walker and uses her newly discovered gifts to train the new Circle members in an urgent effort to thwart their enemy. She needs to discover why the Elders were murdered, and then whether she and the new Circle apprentices can keep the others from the same fate.


Shawn Kites, Owner and CEO of DNAgen Biolabs continues his murderous pursuit to remove The Circle as an obstacle to his agenda. Will he succeed? Or will Soraya, and The Circle be able to stop him?


Freedom Rings-Following the thwarted attempted murders of the Elders in The Conductor, Soraya is forced to consider leading the Circle into a new era of taking the offensive. As she awakens new powers and works to solidify the Circle under her leadership, she takes the opportunity to build a stronger, united front that can attack if necessary.


But Soraya is not the only one discovering new abilities. Shawn Kites, Owner and CEO of DNAgen Biolabs, is determined to release Melacrit into the world, eliminating races of color with one simple pill. He’s already proven he’s willing to get his hands bloody, but with High Priestess Madeline pregnant with his son and heir, the clock is ticking. If his plan is to succeed, he’ll need to destroy The Circle – and now with the power to walk the Dream Plain, nothing and no one can stop him.


Can Soraya and The Circle finally defeat Shawn or has all their sacrifice been in vain?


Secrets are revealed, friendships are betrayed, and lives are lost in Freedom Rings, the explosive finale of The Circle trilogy.


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