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The Hits... They DO Keep A-coming!

I realized yesterday that I missed writing my blog for June! Damn it! And I was doing so well with getting it out there once a month. So, what happened to June? Well, let's see. I started seeing clients again - one-on-one at my office. Slow start, but hopefully will gain momentum. I spent a week with the twins - Grandma was whooped when she got home! I'm reminded daily why we are made to have children in our youth, and I have much empathy for those grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. I am SO blessed that their parents are doing most of the work and I'm just the helper!!!

Oh yes, back to June. I spent the whole month 'looking' at the weeds in my garden rather than pulling them. Finally got out there and pulled, fertilized, and propped up some of the beans today. Oh, and I'll have tomotoes for fried green tomatoes very soon! I've started and am almost finished with judging the RMFW Gold Rush Literary Contest. It's always inspiring to read what's in the heads of new writers. And I've watched from the sideline as some of my favorite restaurants have closed in the aftermath of the pandemic lockdown. I've been dismayed by the resurgence of the virus before we even get to the 2nd wave that has been predicted, and I shake my head a lot at the rising level of fear, misinformation, distrust, anger, and self-righteous rhetoric that fills every portal of the information resources we have available.

My personal revelations include: I know that what we considered 'normal' will never be the same. I know that I have and will lose many I called friend and more I considered acquaintences in the coming months. The losses will be to deaths because of illness (the pandemic virus isn't our only health factor in crisis nowadays), and separations of choice for various reasons. We are all navigating these life changes as best we can. We will never all agree on anything, but that's OK. We aren't finished with this journey yet - I read somewhere yesterday that if 2020 was a day, yesterday was just past noon. Think about that. We're at the halfway point of the year and we're still arguing about who's fault it is, who's right about it, who's wrong about it, who's got the answers about it, and the 'It' can be any issue of your choice because they all fit.

What if handling 'It' doesn't depend on the answer to any of those questions? What if the energy spent arguing your point doesn't matter? 'It' doesn't and won't go away if you win the debate. You still have to handle your business. You still have to get up and face whatever your day is filled with in a way that gets the important things done but leaves you with enough energy to do something for yourself. You still have to be ready for whatever comes next in our new world of shifting priorities and rules. As for me, the coming holiday has not been one of my favorites for many years, but it is an opportunity to see and hug as least some of the people I love, and send love to those I can't see. Watching Aurora and Brooklyn play, and playing with them will fill me with joy. Talking to family far away will make me laugh out loud. Spending time just 'being' will calm my spirit and fill me up. Expressing my gratitude every chance I get for everything I have will help raise the level of Love on the planet.

And, don't forget to stop and admire the beautiful flowers, gorgeous sunsets, and take the opportunity to laugh out loud whenever it's presented.


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