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Tangles, Emotions, and Tears, Oh My!

It's time for another Brenda's Blog! I am reflecting today. Valentine's Day. It's supposed to be a day to share your love with somebody, so I'm sharing mine with you! This was a rough week. I lost one of my sisters on Sunday. I'm the oldest, so Diana passing so early in her life, and now, was difficult on many levels. Suffice it to say, I've learned a lot about myself, about my family, her family, and about how The Creator moves even when we aren't paying attention, so that we will. Pay attention, that is. She is gone, and we will all pick up the pieces and move forward, hopefully healing from the many wounds that we share.

Even while wading through grief yet again, I still made progress on my self-assigned deadlines. The "Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles, A Blueprint for Ascension" manuscript is complete, and in the hands of my Beta readers. (And the crowd roars, Yaaaaaaaaaay!) So, that means that I'm finally working on the final edit of "The Conductor: Book 2 of The Circle." I started on it on Wednesday, and I'm 4 chapters in. My editor did a wonderful job of cleaning it up, so it's only a matter of getting through it again and tightening it up. I will publish it before the end of February, in honor of Black History Month. That means that "Freedom Rings: Book 3 of The Circle", will begin pouring out of my head by March 1st. Hoping my fans won't have to wait so long for this one.

I've spent as much time as I could this month with the twins, and that's gone from a lot, while they moved, to only once this week (cue the baby love withdrawals.) They're walking now. (OMG it's going SO fast!) Spending time with them has been my refuge when I've felt overwhelmed with all the emotions of these past weeks. Just being around them to watch them interact with each other is a joy. They make me happy.

Business is also keeping me busy. One of the things I very much enjoy about keeping my own clock is that I can say NO. I've had several things on my calendar over the past two weeks that I just didn't have the energy, or the mental acuity to handle, so I cancelled my participation in

them. You know what? Nobody got bent out of shape because of it. Nobody got angry. Nobody chastised me for not living up to their expectations. That was nice. I slept in a few more days. I ate when I was hungry. And I still got the important stuff done.

So, on this day of Love. Do something for you. Do something you WANT to do. Love on yourself, and then Love on the people, and critters, who are important to you. Have a drink of your favorite beverage (and it doesn't have to be alcohol!) and pour a drop for those who aren't here for you to love on them anymore (of course, you can do this over the sink!) Love is the strongest emotion, the best armor, and the greatest weapon we have against everything. Use it often, and share it as much as you can. It is a fact that Yesterday is Gone and we can't get it back. Tomorrow is Not Promised to any of us. Today is what we have. Spend it as wisely as you can and make sure Love is a part of all that you do. Namaste'

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