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Still in Lockdown, Slowly Rising

I hope everyone is staying sane in these insane times. Insane times you question? Yes! What we are all dealing with, at whatever level of your engagement, is a challenge to your sanity. Think about it:

- Those that we are supposed to recognize as our leadership are behaving questionably.

- A great many of us haven't had a hug in months.

- Fear is the underlying emotion of almost everything that is broadcast.

And we are all trying to remain sane.

What have you accomplished during your time away from people? Even if you have still been working through this, there have been less people for you to deal with in every aspect of living. Have you let your creativity rise? Have you made an effort to be good to yourself, or better than you usually are to yourself? Are you watching more TV or less? Less is better, only because of how much television feeds the negativity that we're navigating through. Have you done a virtual museum tour? Have you participated in a drive-by birthday party? Do you know any Class of 2020 graduates (highschool or college!) who you could lift up by tying a bunch of balloons, a stuffed animal, or a cookie to a nice card and leaving it at their door? Have you said "Thank you" to your Amazon delivery person? Your postal worker? Your grocery clerk? Your doctor?

These are all people we depend on, and they've been working through this whole quarantine. It amazes me to be in line and hear people being mean and hateful. I know that it might feel like an opportunity to vent, but these are not the people to target with that negative energy. They are tired, worn out, and have seen more crap than you have. Have a little mercy on them, even if they're a little short with you.

As we head into our "new normal", turn up your observation meter. Pay attention to the differences in the world around you: How much sweeter the air is, how much stronger the sun is because the pollution we produce has been lessened and Mother Earth has been able to clean up our mess (which means you need more sunscreen sooner). These are only a few of the changes that have occurred. I'm sure you can make this list longer.

Oh, and let me assure you that if you've spent your time of being unable to go in to work doing absolutely nothing, I salute you! That is the ultimate Self-Care! Allowing your body and mind to heal, to rest. Giving yourself the opportunity to give no "f's" about anything, for a change. It means you needed this chance to slow down and take stock of you! Sometimes, being selfish is ok!

If you are one of those folks who took this time to attack that list of drudgery that you've been building, I salute you as well! Playing in the dirt (also known as gardening), cleaning out those closets that have been on your to-do list forever, finally emptying those boxes that moved in with you and haven't been touched since... well, it's been a long time. I confess, I am one of those who thought about that list, but didn't get any of it done. Either way, you're ok too.

As we slowly begin to go back to whatever our normal will be now, remember to keep some of those new habits you've developed. Take care of YOU, before you worry about what you can do for anyone else. As for me, I am still writing. The transformational title will be released next week. The Conductor, and all my other books, are now available for you to order autographed copies on my website - I've started book 3 in the series (Freedom Rings), and I'm considering when I will return to my office to begin seeing clients in person again.

Slowly rising, we will meet the continued challenge that we are facing. Those of us who are making our way through it will be changed for the better because we can and will adapt.

Blessings, Hope, Peace and Mercy to you all.


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