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So Much For All Our Plans!

The last two weeks have been filled with growing fear, examples headshaking bad behavior, and an amazing outpouring of love. A "bug" has had us all arguing amongst ourselves, panic buying the most interesting array of household items, and changing our plans for the next few months, regardless of where we stand in the debate of how bad it is or will get. While I've been disappointed in the cancellations and postponements that have affected me, I understand and will make it work. Of course, I have no choice, like everyone else. But it's my perspective on the whole thing that might be a bit different from most of those of my own family and friends.

I've known that "something" big was coming. A shift, a change, something that was going to affect us all. I just didn't know what it was going to be or look like. I also knew that it would be worldwide, and not just here, or there; wherever you choose to put the pin in the map for where there is. I've witnessed an unprecedented amount of anger towards others as we humans try to identify someone to blame for how this happened. That search has been to no fruitful avail. There just isn't one person, place or thing that can be identified as the only cause for this. Every country has had its resources stretched to the max, and/or exhausted in some manner, and we're not quite out of the woods yet. But, we'll get there, because we aren't done yet either.

Things will change. The learning curve for dealing with something that until now we've only imagined in printed fiction or film will give way to new policies and procedures, along with feats of biological, chemical and manufacturing engineering that will give us all a step up in being ready for the next crisis. If those last two words scare you, take a breath. Looking at our world history over the last 20 years, you can see the pattern. Each outbreak has been a little worse than the one before it. Each one has provided an education for all who were involved, and for those who watched from afar. The biggest difference in this one is that we've finally had one that has spread worldwide. The lessons learned will be phenomenal.

In the meantime, on the homefront, I've moved my deadlines for the books again. The time in semi-isolation is giving me a much-needed boost to getting the finishing touches done on them. My calendar has been crazily reorganized because of the healing venues I usually participate in having to cancel and reschedule events. Which means that the funding for getting the books out has also been rearranged. I'm sure the ripple effects from this will be felt by all of us through the end of the year, if not beyond that.

I encourage you to take the time to rest. Most of us have been running on empty for weeks or months and a little recharging will be good for you. Hug your loved ones, and send your love to those that you might not want to hug right now. Follow all of the directives so we can kill the spread of the bug. We can go back to socializing in a few weeks. Take advantage of all of the movies, books, the Internet, and other sources of entertainment that you have access to. Right now you can binge-watch, fall asleep in your chair and perhaps not have to get up and go to work the next day, depending on your job. Check on your elders, no matter where they are. If there's something they need, send them a care package, and send your love. Hearing your voice on the phone might be just the medicine they need at the moment. Stay safe, and stay well. Until next time,


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