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And We Have TWO Winners!!!

It is with awe and excitement that I share that I am humbled and very proud - both The Conductor: Book Two of The Circle (CIPA EVVY Award) and Allowing the Magic Allowing the Miracles A Blueprint for Ascension (NABE Pinnacol Book Award) have won awards!!! This means that as a writer and author, three of the four books I've published since I retired from my career with the State of Colorado have been recognized.

It's taken me awhile to sit down and write this blog because even with such wonderful news to share, the world has continued to turn. I have had my hands full of dealing with stuff that I don't want to talk about here, because it's not fun, funny or interesting. Suffice it to say that life has continued even in the face of such joy. I will tell you that my intent to keep writing and my determination to keep going are still strong, even on the days that I don't get any words on the screen. Book three is coming, and I'm not too far behind my self-imposed deadline yet.

The ways in which our world and our lives have changed are a continuing challenge to our sanity, tolerance, and wellbeing. I hear the same complaints from many of the folks I see in my Meetups, and Healing sessions. I've never liked the election season, but this one has surpassed all others in the level of negativity, deceit, and imbalance that has poured over us. Then add the lack of fellowship, conversation, shared enjoyment of being amidst others of like mind, and hugs... I really miss hugs. I know we will get through this, and that there is another side to the valley we're slogging through, but I'm ready for the Light to burn off the fog already.

It's important for all of us to recognize when we need to hear another voice besides our own and pick up the phone/computer/notepad, etc. and call somebody. When/If you do go out to a restaurant, grocery store, hardware store, post office, try to keep from dropping your frustration onto the workers. They're just as much a mess as you are, and they have to face people like you, and worse, every day. Smile real smiles. Did you know that even behind a mask you can tell when someone is smiling? It's in the eyes. Many are just trying to get through the day, only to have to do it again tomorrow.

I hope you're okay. I'm doing okay. I haven't really figured out a way to celebrate yet. A virtual one would be doable, but I really want those hugs. I'm doing my best to keep my perspective positive. I am seeing clients and it's a joy to have them leave my office or Zoom room in a better place than when they entered. When I need a lift, I visit with the twins. Those little girls keep Grandma running (no exaggeration here!) but they bring me joy to be around them. I am writing, and the story has even got me saying "wow!" on occasion. I've got my critters to keep my house from being too quiet (those parakeets, you have no idea!) Lelu just had a birthday, she's 7 now but is still full of energy and mischief. The momma raccoon that moved in under my driveway to have her babies during the lockdown is gone now, and the litter of feral kittens that hid there when the woodpile in my back yard was cleared have scattered (thank goodness!)

There are things I have to give attention to, and there's work to do too. I know I'm blessed and I'm thankful for even the stuff I'm not talking about, because it means I'm still here. It means I still have things to hope for, even if nobody knows about them but me. It means that each day I wake, I've got another chance to do or do not. Sometimes that is enough.

If you need an escape from your world and what's in it, I suggest you pick up a good book and get away for a bit. You can get mine either on Amazon or https:/ I'm happy to autograph one, or more, for you. And when you come back to the real world, be kind to yourself and others. We're all doing the best we can to get from one day to the next.

The Conductor: Book 3 of The Circle * Allowing the Magic Allowing the Miracles

A Blueprint for Ascension

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