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And the clock ticks!

I finally (YAY!!!! trumpets blaring!) finished the last set of edits from my Beta Readers! Now, the manuscript for The Conductor is in the hands of my editor. Here's to hoping I've caught and corrected all the 'stuff'. I'm now targeting to get it into print before Thanksgiving. Once it's done, I'll schedule the launch party. If all goes as planned, and we know how that's been going, the party should be in early December. I'm now working on the next piece, which is non-fiction. Hoping to finish it by the the end of November, and then it too will be in edit mode.

I tell you, this writing journey is not the easiest thing I've ever done, but it's certainly one of the most rewarding. I'm also working on putting a book trailer together for The Conductor. The pieces are beginning to come together and I'm hoping to start filming in a couple of weeks. A book trailer? Yep! After I saw Salina's B&W video for her new song, shot on an iPhone, I thought, "I can do that!" So I am! I've looked at a few other book trailers and from the imagery to the voiceover; for less than a minute of film, I'm encouraged.

So much is going on! Fending off publishing companies still trying to entice me with marketing package deals for Harlem Angel that would interrupt my timeline for getting The Conductor out to you. The Holidays are coming and that's the perfect time to be offering Harlem Angel and The Conductor as a package gift deal... must get The Conductor to print! And then there's the non-fiction title, "Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles: A Blueprint to Ascension", if I can get it done and to my Beta Readers by the first, that would be awesome! And I haven't done more than just look at "Laughing At Your Food" which is the other non-fiction manuscript that's been sitting. Oh, and let's not forget my plan to get Book 3 of The Circle started in January. So many moving parts, and I haven't mentioned my Energy Healing business, which is also taking off. Both of the non-fiction titles will feed this.

It's all words. Words that are in my head and have yet to get onto paper, or the computer screen. They will get there. I will do it. And, you will get to read them!! Thanks for reading my blog!

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