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2020 is Here, Better Hold Tight!

The holidays are over, we made it! A new year and a new decade, woohoo! Can you feel the excitement? Have you noticed the little synchronicities that have been happening since we turned that page? I don't know about you, but those 20's have been showing up in everything I do! Times, dates, and anything else that has a number attached to it, 20 seems to be the thing.

The new year sparks folks to set 'Resolutions'... I don't do those any more because a resolution, the statement that you "resolve" to make a change, has never held any real merit for me. So instead, I set my Intent to complete the Goals I set for myself. Yes, Goals. This year I'm even setting my goals differently. In the past, I had goals for my work life, and then separate goals for my home life. I always struggled with them clashing and not working very well together and subsequently not accomplishing as much as I wanted to on either front. After listening to a seminar from my current financial guru, Susan Lassiter, this year I've set my 'Life' goals. After all, you really can't separate home from work because YOU are the focal point of both! I do a vision board, which is just about complete, (gotta find a picture of Japan because that's where my Great-granddaughter is for the next 3 years!) Next week I'll be working on my plan to see all those visions manifest.

My board is full of the things that my life is made of. There will be 2 books launched; The Conductor (TC) and Magic and Miracles (MM). TC should be back in my hands next week for my final edits. MM is one chapter short of completion and will go to my beta readers for review. Then I'll begin book 3 of The Circle. Writing something EVERY day is part of the plan. Even if it's just a few words, I have to write every day! The fight against procrastination is real. There are so many other things (ummm, twin babies!!!!) that I'd rather be doing!

Keeping myself moving, i.e. exercise, is another goal. I always start off good, and then let 'stuff' get in the way. If I'm going to be able to write every day, and have the energy I need to keep up with Aurora and Brooklyn (yep, they'll be walking by the end of the month!) Grandma has to be able to move! It will also help me fight the kid germs, you know, the ones that mutate once we catch'em, and then they turn into much worse. So, my health is also a goal.

There are goals for my Healing Business as well because that's what keeps the funds flowing for everything else. There's also Self-Care goals because taking care of me and doing some of the things that I want to do are also important, and will keep me sane amidst the chaos of being human. See how it all works together? And the common denominator for all of it is ME. If my cup is empty, I can't fill others.

What are YOUR plans for this new year, and decade? Have you thought about it? Are they just in your head or have you written them down? Are you committed to following a plan of your own making, or are you going to be a leaf that gets blown around at the whim of the winds until you land in a puddle and somebody steps on you and you're stuck for whatever is left of the year when that happens? What are you doing to embrace the higher vibrations and new beginnings brought by this new year and new decade? What are you focusing on that is 2020?

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